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iPhone app.

Ranked NO.4 on Board Games category in Japan App Store on 16 Oct 2013 !!

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This App is a simple puzzle game.

The goal is to fill the 4×4, 4×6 or 4×8 grids with all the blocks by sliding them to the center.

【 Features 】

★ Simple & easy puzzle, you just slide the blocks toward the center and fill all grid cells with the blocks!

★ You can beat a stage in just seconds and get a sense of achievement!

★ You get 3 stars and a gold medal as prizes!

★ Convenient as you can play this puzzle in just a short time!

★ Stage progress is saved automatically even if you stop playing halfway through!

【 Rules 】

● Blocks can only be moved horizontally or vertically.

● Blocks can't go through other blocks.

● No time restriction.

● Get 3 stars when you beat a stage in a specific number of moves.

● Win a gold medal when you complete all stages perfectly.

Let's fill all the grid cells (4x4,4x6 or 4x8) with blocks!

The key is to figure out which block to move first to fill the grid in the specified number of moves.

Get a perfect score on all stages to win a gold medal!

Sound effects : maoudamashii, etc.