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turtle pot

The really simple browser which has buttons minimum required.

One Touch Browser suits for the iPhone users who access 3 or less usual internet pages everyday. You can access them with one touch,

without opening your bookmark.

Coming soon

iPhone app.

TapTheSame is really simple game. The buttons flash in some order, just tap the buttons in the same order and you can collect points.

The number of flashing buttons increase as you clear. Try to keep up!

When you clear 20 flashing buttons the game is finished and you will get a golden star.

You can also post your points to facebook or twitter from the application.
You can now change the speed of the flashing buttons. Try out the fastest "flash" mode!


iPhone app.

Ranked NO.8 on  board game Paid Apps in Japan app store on Apr 8 2013 !!

This App is a simple puzzle game.

The goal is to fill the 4×4, 4×6 or 4×8 cells with all blocks by sliding them to the center.  ( Detail )

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